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Double Premium Pergola - 3.6m Width

Double Premium Pergola - 3.6m Width

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Our new flagship range of pergolas features a distinctive double rail configuration. This not only greatly enhances the look of the pergola but also adds even more strength and stability.

The Double Premium Pergola features rafters and runners that are slotted to form a halved joint, improving the strength, stability and look of your pergola.

Also available in multiple widths - 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m, 4.2m and 4.8m - For these sizes please see our other listings. 

Along with all bolt down and spiked feet purchases we supply a flat drill bit. After you have cut your posts to the desired length, please use the drill bit to drill a hole into the centre of the bottom of the post - this is to locate your post onto the bolt down or spiked foot. 


Double Premium Pergola Features

• Easy assembly with the minimum of tools required.
• High quality pressure treated Northern European Redwood.
• Solid 95mm x 95mm corner posts.
• 34mm x 140mm Runners and Rafters.
• Corrosion treated, heavy duty fixings.
• Curved decorative braces.
• Distinctive double rail configuration.
• Decorative post pedestal panels included.
• Custom sizes available.

Please ensure you have checked the dimensional drawing for your chosen size and the component parts drawing before completing your purchase as the sizes listed are those of the rafters and runners, not the post dimensions. The post positions can be found on the dimensional drawings.

Length = Overall Length Of Runners

Width = Overall Length Of Rafters

Rafter Quantity / Rafter Gap Measurement

Runner Length Rafter Quantity Gap Size Inbetween Rafters
1.8m 6 264mm
2.4m 7 340mm
3m 7 490mm
3.6m 8 505mm
4.2m - 4 Post 8 625mm
4.8m - 4 Post 8 745mm
4.2m - 6 Post 10 493mm
4.8m - 6 Post 10 593mm
5.4m 10 693mm
6m 12 587mm
6.6m 12 661mm
7.2m 12 736mm
7.8m 14 642mm


Please note: The product colours shown are representative only and may differ on the actual product due to natural variations in the timber used.

Unable to find the the size you desire? Please ask us about our custom sized pergolas.


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